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KEYMACRO Version history: – 2014-12-28Q:

Subtracting one array from another array

I’m looking for a way to subtract one array from another in PHP. I know how to do it with iterating over the data and comparing the indexes, but I’m looking for a more efficient way to do it.


If you’re looking to get the array elements that do not match then this should work.
$result = array_diff($one, $two);

Otherwise if you’re looking to get the elements that are not in the array one, then you can do this:
$result = array_diff($one, array_fill(0, count($one), $two));


Is there a reason to over-emphasize particular words in mathematics?

I’ve noticed in the field of mathematics that in proofs, the nature of the structure sometimes seems to be highly emphasized. This is certainly true in mathematics papers as well as in books.
Sometimes, I’ve found that the emphasis of mathematical language seems to be taken to a level of abstraction such that the basic structure of the field isn’t really being communicated.
I’ve thought that this could be a result of two factors. Firstly, the language and structure of mathematics is itself advanced and tends to be quite a bit more abstract than other fields. Secondly, perhaps this leads to overly complex sentences. At the level of advanced mathematics, a simple sentence can be very difficult to parse or translate into a language that most people can follow.
Given that, the question is: Is there any good reason to over-emphasize particular words in mathematics?


It’s important to be able to express the essence of a proof. This is sometimes helpful for students who are studying a difficult field for the first time.
Also, in the course of a long mathematical paper, it’s sometimes necessary to add more and more terminology in order to get the paper to the point where it’s reasonably readable.
If you’re ever in doubt, I would always defer to the professor.


This comes up often, when proof assistants are being evaluated. I have seen proof assistants that would flag up 384a16bd22

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Allows you to define keyboard macros for several keyboard combinations.
Keyboard macros are shortcuts for commonly used functions. By just assigning a keyboard combination to a macro, you can execute the same function with a single key press.
Keyboard macro generator can assist you in preparing your own keyboard macro function lists.
Keyboard macro generator works with the keyboard function codes, keyboard keys, and modifiers (Shift, Ctrl, Alt) and allows you to define macros for many functions.
What can you do with Keymacro?
Manage the list of keyboard macros in the tool window
Make macros for the following functions:
Select all
List of keyboard macro functions
Configuration settings
Macro creation settings
Draw default keyboard macro
Keyboard macro generator window
How to use Keymacro?
Press the “Macro List” button to switch to the list of available keyboard macros.
Press the desired key combination to add it to the list of macros.
To add a keyboard combination to the Macro List window, you have to press “Add Keycombination”.
To delete a macro, simply select it in the list and press “Delete”.
To redefine a macro, simply select it in the list and press “Edit Key Combination”.
Press “Create” to draw a default keyboard macro.
Keyboard Macro Configuration
The list of available macro function codes can be displayed in three different types:
Function key codes
Shortcut keys
Modifier key codes
Function key codes
You can define macros for the function codes in the tool window by pressing the “Macro Code” button.
Shortcut keys
You can define macros for the shortcut keys by pressing the “Macro Key” button.
Modifier key codes
You can define macros for the modifier key codes by pressing the “Macro Modifier” button.
Keyboard Macro creation settings
You can open the creation window for the keyboard macro by pressing the “Keyboard Macro Creation” button. You have to fill in the title of the macro, specify a shortcut key combination for invoking the macro and check the “Automatically execute the macro on task switch” option.
If the “Automatically execute the macro on task switch” option is checked, the macro is fired automatically every time you switch tasks. The options are the following:
Do not execute