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Background & Features

KeyMACRO is a simple yet powerful software application that lets you apply Macros to.txt or.csv files. This program comes with a wide variety of useful Macros that can be used in everyday situations. For instance, it can automatically detect and replace certain strings in a file or remove all the special characters from a file.
Macros are pre-programmed operations that can easily be performed with a single mouse click, saving you from the hassle of copying and pasting large chunks of text. Macros are defined in your text and can be saved as an action. When you need a pre-defined macro for a text, select the option to add the macro. You can define a Macro in two ways:

by selecting a predefined action

by adding your own function

With KeyMACRO you can define Macros for:

Deleting selected parts of a text

Replacing selected parts of a text

Including/excluding all special characters

Selecting all the text in the document

Using Keys

KeyMACRO’s key feature is the use of the keyboard for its operation, so you don’t have to move the mouse to move the cursor. With the help of a few shortcuts, you can easily create macros with all the desired properties. A well-organized main menu is available at the bottom of the window.
You can create two kinds of Macros:

In the list of Macros, you can find the “create action” option. This is where you can define your own function. This is the most powerful tool, as you can use it to perform most of the required tasks. Using this option, you can create Macros with any text in any file with a few clicks.

Once you have created a Macro, it is automatically added to your list of actions. Here, you can select the action and use it to replace a part of a text. For example, you can find “Insert date” on the main menu and then select a portion of a document that contains text.

You can use this function to insert a specific date. You can select the date, choose the style and position. When you are satisfied with the result, press the “Create action” button and you can use the saved Macro to replace any text with the selected date.

Do not expect the usage of macros to be complicated at all!

Macros can be categorized by using 384a16bd22

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A screen mate is a program that allows you to get ‘under the skin’ of your computer without dealing with real programs.

With the mouse, drag it over the’skin’ and get a look at what is on your screen.

There is nothing to install, no special drivers are needed, no special downloads needed.

Just double-click on the.SCM file that was downloaded.

No extra programs are required to run this.

Nothing is done to your computer, no settings need to be changed, and no driver is needed to run this.

This is a standalone application that runs on any Windows operating system. It does not require any special code to be changed.

There is no need to put time into learning the coding language for this to work.

This is an animated program that looks like something you would find on a classic television set.

It is also the classic television program.

This is a stand-alone program, so if you close it out, it is gone.

You do not need to purchase any special software to run this.

Because this is a stand-alone program, you can run as many of them as you want at the same time.

There is no limit to the number of ScreenMates you can run.

This program is all about giving you the ability to see your computer screen.

There are no programs in here that are written to do anything other than this.

You do not need to install anything to get this to run.

Some ScreenMates come in boxes and contain instructions on how to install them, but not this one.

This program is stand-alone. It does not need special files to be installed on your computer.

You can run this program as many times as you want without having to re-enter information.

You do not need to do anything special to get this to run.

This program is easy to use, and there is no learning curve.

There is no special installation needed to get this to run.

This program is easy to use.

This program requires no special files to be installed on your computer.

No special drivers are needed to get this to run.

You can run this program as many times as you want without having to re-enter any information.

No installation is required to get this to run.

This program