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KEYMACRO generates macros for your favorite editing operations.
What’s more, you can create your own macros.
For example, you can create a shortcut of the open file dialog, which automatically opens a file.
In other words: KEYMACRO is a software tool that will help you get things done.
KeyMacro is easy to use, completely automated, very fast and has a well-designed interface.
KEYMACRO runs on any operating system and platform.
KEYMACRO is widely compatible with other software packages.
* You need a Microsoft Windows PC for KEYMACRO to work.
* KEYMACRO uses an API (application programming interface) for the keystroke recognition, which is supported by all Windows versions from Windows 95 to Windows 8.
* We tested KEYMACRO on Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7.

KeyMacro is the Keystroke generator for Windows and is the best Software tool to create Key macros to speed up any Application.
KeyMacro can work at the System level, e.g. you can open the File Explorer with a single keystroke.
In addition, KeyMacro can work at the Application level, so if you want to open Photoshop in a single keystroke you can use KEYMACRO to generate the Keystroke code.
KeyMacro comes with many useful and useful commands, such as creating KeyMacro commands, KeyMacro shortcuts, KeyMacro for USB and so on.
You can also create keyboard shortcuts for your favorite Web browsers and software Applications.

KeyMacro offers useful features, such as:
o Keystrokes can be easily set.
o Not all Applications and Web browsers need the same Keystrokes.
o And so much more.
The SYSTEM LEVEL functions have the following advantages:
o Time-saving: Using Keystrokes saves time because no coding is needed.
o Easy to use: With KeyMacro, you can perform a lot of things in just a couple of seconds.
The following picture shows how to use KeyMacro in the SYSTEM LEVEL:

KeyMacro’s APPLICATION LEVEL commands are more powerful than the SYSTEM LEVEL and you can open your favorite Application in a single keystroke.
You can generate KeyMacro for any software Application you like.
The following picture shows how to use KeyMacro in the APPLICATION LEVEL:

By default, KeyMacro includes 384a16bd22

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PTM – Personal Task Manager is a practical and straightforward time tracker system whose main purpose is to help users to track their working hours for each day and generate a full-detailed report that contains information about each available task.
The application sports an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows you to add new sessions and start counting the time while working. Each time you will close the program, it will be redirected to the system tray menu, so it won’t disturb you from your daily tasks.
Considering the main purpose for which PTM – Personal Task Manager was designed, you are able to manage and organize your tasks effortlessly. What’s more, it automatically generates a full-detailed time sheet so you can preview all the working hours for each day.
The ‘Current Task’ tab enables you to specify a task, then start working at it. The application will automatically start counting and will display the task in the generated time sheet. By accessing the Options tab, you can set the program to automatically log-out every day at a specific hour.
Unlike most software of its kind, PTM – Personal Task Manager allows you to move to another task with ease. All you have to do is to double-click the task you are interested in (which is available in the list) or simply type a new task name.
All in all, PTM – Personal Task Manager proves to be a reliable and useful utility that comes in handy for users who need to track the working hours for each day.Q:

How do I make hover on work with firefox

What i have at the moment is:
#welcome-text:hover {
color: red;
font-size: 20px;

Its not working with the current firefox browser. But it is working in chrome.
Any advice on how to fix it?


If you want the color of #welcome-text to change when you hover, you would write the following code in the stylesheet:
#welcome-text:hover {
color: red;

If you want the text itself to change color when you hover, you would write the following code:
#welcome-text:hover {
color: red;
#welcome-text {
color: blue;

I would recommend the first approach.

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