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Keymacro is an application that allows you to automate text editing tasks. From the word go, Keymacro supports MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access.
Advantages of automation
When it comes to automating tasks, this kind of software becomes the most useful tool. Apart from the fact that you can reduce the amount of time you spend manually working with your documents, it is also possible to automate the work of colleagues and eliminate the human element from the process.
In other words, you are able to save a lot of money by eliminating the workforce, and with Keymacro you can make this happen easily. Of course, we are talking about jobs that require you to use an OS with a text editor, such as MS Word, or an application that makes it possible for you to view and work with any kind of text.
Other aspects that make Keymacro the ideal solution for you, are the fact that you can save and work on a single file, or on multiple files at the same time. When you open one of your files, you can modify the format of the text using the formatting options available on the program’s interface, and you can even perform this task when you are sending the document.
Other aspects
Another major benefit that comes with Keymacro is the fact that you are not forced to buy expensive solutions that will require a separate license for each person using the software. Instead, you get a single license that includes unlimited use on the user’s computer.
The software supports a vast range of text editors, including MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and also provides you with a text extraction tool that helps you in locating and modifying certain details in a document.
Aside from the aforementioned functionality, Keymacro also allows you to use external links and access the internet through the browser. The program is entirely free, and it is compatible with a great number of operating systems, such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
The interface is simple, yet attractive, as it features the three most important sections that you are going to need to get the job done.
One panel features a list of all files you’ve saved with the program, along with their date and time, a few metrics regarding the size and your computer’s memory, and a button that opens a document. The second panel is called “Tools” and will give you access to the aforementioned formatting options, and a list of all the active files and the 384a16bd22

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1. Keyboard Combinations for switching.
2. Displays Windows 8 Start screen on Windows 7.
3. Able to do many actions on the Windows 8 Start screen
4. Switch between multiple view of the Windows 8 Start screen
5. Supports multiple languages.
6. Multiple desktop support.
7. Resize and maximize the application.
8. No security issues.
9. Free and No adware or malware.
10. No expensive.
11. Keyboard shortcuts.
12. Support 64bit
Keyboard shortcuts are:
1. Alt+Tab : Switch between windows
2. Win+D : Go to desktop
3. Win+R : Go to desktop
4. Win+L : Go to desktop
5. Win+W : Minimize all windows
6. Win+E : Show hidden files
7. Win+G : Go to Google calendar
8. Win+J : Go to Start screen
9. Win+I : Go to IE
10. Win+K : Go to app list
11. Win+M : Go to Settings
12. Win+T : Go to desktop
13. Alt+Tab : Switch between desktop
14. Win+D : Go to desktop
15. Win+R : Go to desktop
16. Win+L : Go to desktop
17. Win+W : Minimize all windows
18. Win+E : Show hidden files
19. Win+G : Go to Google calendar
20. Win+J : Go to Start screen
21. Win+I : Go to IE
22. Win+K : Go to app list
23. Win+M : Go to Settings
24. Win+T : Go to desktop
25. Alt+Tab : Switch between windows
26. Win+D : Go to desktop
27. Win+R : Go to desktop
28. Win+L : Go to desktop
29. Win+W : Minimize all windows
30. Win+E : Show hidden files
31. Win+G : Go to Google calendar
32. Win+J : Go to Start screen
33. Win+I : Go to IE
34. Win+K : Go to app list
35. Win+M : Go to Settings
36. Win+T : Go to desktop
37. Win+L : Minimize all windows
38. Win+R : Go to desktop
39. Win+