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KeyMACRO is a text-mode utility to supply users with a graphical user interface (GUI) for key-level security access to the remote desktop and terminal services that come with the Microsoft Windows operating system.
KeyMACRO can be downloaded from SourceForge.net and installed as a.EXE file.
Download and unpack the file to any directory (i.e. c:\Programs).
Start the.EXE file.
How to use:
KeyMACRO creates a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) for users who want to use a key-level security option to access a remote desktop. It allows users to store their credentials, the remote desktop, and a terminal session in encrypted form. This method encrypts all keys before they are sent to the server.
All parameters must be set before starting KeyMACRO.
The most important parameters are:
– Username and Password : These are used to log onto the remote desktop
– Server IP : This is the IP address that the user wishes to connect to
– Server Port : This is the port the user wishes to connect to
– Encryption Key : This is the key you wish to use to encrypt your data
– Session : This is the session to connect to, i.e. Terminal Services, Remote Desktop, or whatever
– Automatically Start : This option enables the program to start as a service after installation. The program will set the service to start automatically
– Log to File : If the log file is set to be stored in the same directory as the executable file, the program will log all of its output to that file.
Starting the program as a service is especially useful if you have to start the program automatically on reboots.
In most cases, the program will be set to start automatically on reboots.
– Next Screen : If this option is selected, the user can choose which screen to view. This is useful if you have more than one remote desktop connection
– About : This option is used to display the program’s information to the user.
– Exit : This option is used to close the program.
You can find more information and screenshots on the KeyMACRO website:

This application was developed by Samuel Wilson and the following people:
For a list of contributors that helped in the creation of KeyMACRO, please see: 384a16bd22

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KeyMacro is a programmable text macro recorder that allows you to record and playback any action taken with your keyboard, including command buttons, hotkeys, navigation keys, etc. When a recording is saved, it is added to a list with an image. You can then search the list by image or add a comment to it. KeyMacro allows you to record any key sequence of text, allowing you to create a macro of text that can then be copied and pasted in another document.
The program can be used to create macros that allows you to do certain actions with any application or file. For example, you can create a macro that will add a “list of categories” or a “history of all pages”. You can also use KeyMacro to create a list of words or list of numbers.
Runs directly from a DVD or a USB memory stick.
You can record a text macro for any application, including documents.
The program can create a list or a short cut file with a video thumbnail of the image.
You can create an image macro with a text.
You can sort the images by name or date.
The program requires a large amount of resources.
The program has a few bugs that can cause the program to crash.
FREE version of KeyMacro doesn’t allow you to create videos.
The program does not allow you to record DVD or audio.
Microsoft Windows® 7 is required for installation and use.
Installation: The download provides a setup file that can be run directly from the CD or a USB memory stick.
The installer of the program is also located on the CD or a USB memory stick. It is recommended that you try to install the program before opening it.
This product is delivered without warranty.
KeyMacro can be used to create keyboard macros for any program or document.
KeyMacro allows you to create a list of commands that are then recorded to a list.
KeyMacro allows you to record and playback any key sequence of text.
KeyMacro allows you to create a list of words or list of numbers.
KeyMacro allows you to search through your photos by date or photo name.
KeyMacro allows you to record video clips.
KeyMacro allows you to copy, paste and drag files on the screen.