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May 27, 2022 Off By Deriel Update 1
Visual design and organization

The visual design can feel a little rough, and slightly outdated, but the most impact on practicality is delivered by arrangement of elements, which are organized in a pretty cluttered environment, can’t be resized, and don’t adjust if you enlarge the main window. On the other hand, major areas are separated by tabs, so you don’t really feel overwhelmed.

Needless to say that you require at least a LAN connection, depending on your intentions. As such, you’re able to perform a single ping on a fixed target, specify multiple ones, or simply scan an entire range of IP addresses. Note that the application also works with domain names and regular URL addresses, revealing the corresponding IP.

Easily set up data packet values
A data packet can be customized in an easy manner. This is done by manually adjusting several value fields for ping count, interval in milliseconds, timeout, fragment, buffer, and how long before the target is rendered dead. These values are modified in the same manner, regardless of the type of operation you wish to perform.

Data is retrieved, and displayed in real time inside an organized table showing all relevant info fields. Although you can’t actually save a log of events, there’s the possibility to copy all values to clipboard, or print them out directly. However, the group ping option is fitted with a function to save the group for easier manipulation later on.

To sum it up
Despite its rough, outdated, and pretty cluttered design, Ping-xPert manages to deliver an intuitive set of options with which to send custom data packages to specific LAN, or online targets to check availability. Setting up values requires little time and effort, with data displayed in a neat table you can directly print.

Ping-xPert Description: Update 1
Visual design and organization

Ping-xPert’s User Guide with English.pdf
Get access to the entire documentation and download the latest version of the utility. The latest updates can be installed with the help of the downloaded document. You can also get access to the latest version of the tool by purchasing the update.

You can download the latest version of the tool and the update by selecting the download link that appears below.

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