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This is a printable Excel worksheet template.

This metric conversion table allows you to select your metric to convert from and metric to convert to.

There are more than 17 categories and 795 conversion pairs available to be chosen for displaying in your printable metric conversion table.

And you can also add unavailable conversion category and item manually in the metric pool worksheet.

And you can also select metrics for the metric conversion pool worksheet.

If you have a metric conversion pool Excel template, please download from below link:

Metric Conversion Table Examples:

Now, this table is live and you can download the template and convert to any other metric for printing.

If you have any queries or suggestions, please use the comments section below to let us know.

Hope you like this template, please share it with your friends to help them print metric conversions table.

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If you have an Excel template that is either created by yourself or is licensed, then you can share it to others. For that, we have created an Excel template archive where you can find a huge collection of Excel templates and add new ones easily. There are different categories of Excel templates available for your quick reference. If you don’t find the Excel template that you are looking for, then you can also create new one.

The Excel template categories are










Time and Date



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Can’t find command line arguments for this python script

I am trying to use this python script
#! /usr/bin/env python
import re, sys
print sys.argv[1:]
match = re.match(r’^http:\/\/.+\/(.*)$’, sys.argv[1])
if match is not None:

but i always get an error message from the console error in opening file ”

the command i use to run the script is

i can’t figure out how to pass the right file location and not get this error.


Try setting the script to executable, and removing the #! /usr/bin/env python. The Python launcher will then tell you what is going wrong.

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