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– There are 2 parts in Keyparc
– Keyparc Server: To hold your encryption keys, the server may need to run 24x7x365
– Keyparc Drive: A free copy of your encrypted files are stored in your browser.
– Keyparc Drive only supports PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, MP3, HEX, PDS, HTH, TXT, JPEG, GIF, RAR, ZIP, JPG, FLV, SWF, MPEG, TTF, TXS, MOV, MSW, MTS,
– all file formats supported by each browser.
Keyparc Features:
– Shared secrets between Keyparc Drive and Keyparc Server
– Encrypted files are accessed as-if they are in plain text
– Access your secure files anywhere and anytime on your computer
– Safely acquire and store your encryption keys
– Keyparc Drive file creation is as easy as drag-and-drop. Keyparc Drive also supports password protection.
– Support all browsers and all platforms
– Never store keys on your local computer
– Never send your keys to Keyparc Server
– Aftrer successful login to Keyparc Drive, the encrypted files are stored in your browser for you to use
– No need to deal with password managers or encryption keys
– Up to 80 characters in password
– Access all files on Windows, Linux and Mac OS
– Access all your files on any kind of OS without the need to install another software
– Virus free
– No need to learn a new software
– No changes in file format
– Portable and portable
– Secured even on online storage
– Free for personal, non-commercial use
– No login requirement
*Keyparc Drive is released under the MIT license.
You may use it for personal, non-commercial purposes.
Please see the Keyparc License Agreement for more information.
For our full Terms & Conditions, please visit:
*** Keyparc Drive is on GitHub:

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Create 3D fonts from scratch with the help of professional tools. Compatible with Windows 10.
FontTwister Screenshot:

Paint is a free and fast digital painting application with an intuitive interface, consisting of simple tools and commands. It provides different background materials in three layers, text, and objects that can be moved and rotated. You can create various effects and borders, as well as apply various and attractive colors to the picture.
Main features
Intuitive and easy to use interface
The painting workspace is represented by a rectangular frame with a plain appearance. There are five toolbars to the left and three toolbars to the right. The “Pen” tool appears in the upper toolbar and “Eraser” is in the lower one. Moving your mouse on the surface of the canvas will paint at that location.
Different types of brushes
The painting tools are represented by five different brushes. The Pen is the default one, and you can change the color and size of the brush on the right toolbars. The selection includes, among others, a standard brush, freehand, airbrush, white, gradient and brush, as well as a background.
Different backgrounds
In Paint, you have three background layers to select from. They include, for example, the color of a specific area, or the entire canvas, black and white, pencil and a color wheel. You can move objects and adjust the size of the canvas, as well as rotate the image.
Different options
You can adjust the canvas size, apply a 3D bevel effect to the objects, and change their brightness, saturation, contrast and hue. You can also enable antialiasing and apply a blur filter. You can also use shadows and a variety of filters.
Freehand, layers, edge detection and textures
Paint supports layers that can be moved around, resized, and rotated. There are also tools to choose a freehand path, detect the edges of the objects, and apply texture effects. Moreover, you can apply simple brushes to create strokes, or adjust the brush size, brush angle, and pressure.
The elements in the image can be inked, which means that only selected parts will be filled with the selected color. You can change the color and brush size. You can also apply 3D bevel to the objects, blend multiple objects together, apply various effects such as waves and reflections, use transparency, make the colors more saturated, soft or stronger, apply a gradient, blur, flip the