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dotNet Sniffer is a powerful tool to profile, analyze, optimize and debug.NET applications, used in more than 50,000 companies worldwide.

dotNet Sniffer Features:

Search of methods by name

Search of resources by name

Generate / view call graph

Detailed view of parameters types and values

Find out the most used functions and methods in all processes


dotNet Magic is an easy-to-use and powerful.NET tracing tool for developers. With dotNet Magic, developers can run unit test, analyze the memory usage, find suspicious objects and classes, visualize the call stacks, and track the changes of.NET objects.

dotNet Magic Features:

Debug.Assert() was replaced by Trace.Assert(). If Debug.Assert() was used, it was simply replaced with Trace.Assert().

Code coverage was improved; the Trace() call was removed from the analysis function.

Call stack is now supported for MethodInfo/Delegate types in the.NET Framework; the stack is not supported for the generic parameters of MethodInfo/Delegate types.

Various bugs and improved the performance of the profiler.


dotNet Memory (dotNet Memory) is a new tracing tool that helps you to identify memory leaks and memory related issues.

The dotNet Memory tool is a fast memory profiler. It displays the data on the call stack and shows the process of allocation. It reports all the objects that are never released. It detects all the objects that are never GC’ed.

To sum up, dotNet Memory helps you to get information on the following:

Memory usage of application (an object is not garbage collected because it holds references)

Allocations of objects that are never released (but still used by the application)

Information about objects created by the application (when they are created and their lifespan)

Resources used by the application (including images, fonts)

Aspects that are not included in the.NET Framework.


dotNet Memory is a new memory profiler for.NET developers.

dotNet Memory Tools:

dotNet Memory is the.NET Memory profiling tool

dotNet Memory Screenshot

dotNet Memory Tools Feature:

dotNet Memory is a memory profiler tool

dotNet Memory is a memory profiler tool eea19f52d2


Su-Test is an application for biometry of acupuncture points. This program was developed to help a practitioner to accurately measure and evaluate acupuncture points. The program was originally created for Acupunture practitioners and their patients. After the development of Su-Test, we decided to release it as a public, free software.
NOTE: The program requires a database connection for correct operation.

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