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KS-ProjectPlanner is a powerful project management application that enables you to intelligently organize and prioritize tasks in order to become more efficient. Making use of Gantt diagrams, it allows resource planning and collaboration that can make a team improve the workflow productivity.
The intuitive interface provides convenient and fast access to all its options, enabling project managers to create schedules, organize resources and monitor the overall task evolution. Its ultimate goal is to offer an comprehensive analysis of the project plan and get an overview of the work breakdown structure of the project.
The integrated Gantt Chart can be easily populated with new tasks, which can be correlated to human, machine, material or financial resources. Tasks can be prioritized and assigned a custom deadline, with the possibility to monitor the work progress at all times. Also, you can create groups that allow you to manage workload and enhance productivity.
KS-ProjectPlanner automatically generates a color-coded schedule and calendar that illustrates all the tasks, along with their duration, description and the resources they depend on. This can help project managers efficiently organize workload and delegate subalterns in managing tasks that must be completed each day.
The application can keep track of the resource costs, providing options for automatically calculating the total financial value of the project.
KS-ProjectPlanner works with SQL Server, which allows multi-user and multi-project management. It is a real asset for project managers that know how to take advantage of its full potential, enabling them to plan all the project details ahead and get a visual, interactive representation of relationships between all activities.

Key Features:
– Create, Manage and synchronize different projects and tasks across multiple platforms.
– Create and track deadlines, track and understand resource dependencies and monitor the work progress.
– Manage the different resource costs associated with each project.
– Track changes in the resource costs.
– Visualize the project schedule and resource status.
– Visualize the different costs associated with the project.

Plan your projects with ease

Plan your projects with ease

Plan your projects with ease

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Plan your projects with ease

Plan your projects with ease

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