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[p] = [0]*(1-q*([1]-[1]*p)) + [1]*q*([1]-[1]*p)*[1] + p*(1-[1]*[1]) + [1]*[1]*([1]-[1]*p)*[1]
[1] = [0]*(1-q*([1]-[1]*p)) + [1]*q*([1]-[1]*p)*[1]
[1] = 1
[1] = 0
p = [-1]^n*[1]
[1] = 0
#[1] = (1-q)*[1] + q
[1] = 1
#q = 1/[2]
n = 1
#Q = 1
n = 0
q = 1
#r = 0
r = 1
#q = 1/[2]
[1] = (1-q)*[1] + q
[1] = (1-[2]*[1])*[1] + [2]*[1]
[1] = 0.5

If you don’t want the oscillation to stop, you can make it a self-sustaining oscillator by adding a 0th order current term, because the term [1]-[1]*p works as a 0th order current.
This enables the output value to keep increasing to infinity in some cases.

import numpy as np
import scipy as sp
from scipy.integrate import quad
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

from quadratic_integrate_and_fire import IAF

class Circuit(IAF):
def __init__(self):
super().__init__(self.res, self.nstep, self.spd, self.diff, self.i_init, self.v_init, self.gate_cap, self.zero_cap, self.prec_corr, self.corr_int)
self.bias = 0.01
self.charge = 0.000001

def init_param(self 70238732e0

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