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KeyMacro is a lightweight tool that allows users to create macros of their computer functions in a convenient way. Macros will help you automatically perform specific tasks, and let you perform them anytime, anywhere, and in any order.

Your Mac keyboard becomes a real-time natural language input tool that can learn over time. With KeyMacro you can use the Mac keyboard to access the Mac operating system and the internet, and you can take advantage of natural language input to type characters and text in an intuitive way.
Developed by the pioneering team behind Mac OS X Speech Recognition Technology, KeyMacro is able to use natural language to input text into any Mac application. You can type faster and more accurately than you ever thought possible. No matter what you want to achieve, KeyMacro will let you type as if you were speaking in a real conversation.
A natural language input tool for the Mac
KeyMacro is a natural language input tool that utilizes natural language processing to let you type faster and more accurately than you ever thought possible. You can type faster and more accurately than you ever thought possible. No matter what you want to achieve, KeyMacro will let you type as if you were speaking in a real conversation.

PowerPlant.™ For Mac, is a simple, natural language speech input application designed for the Mac. PowerPlant.™ is an application that takes advantage of the latest Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard APIs and AppleScript to create simple voice activated dictation systems. PowerPlant.™ for Mac enables you to effortlessly control your Mac computer from your Mac keyboard without having to navigate through menus and dialog boxes.
New and exciting features in PowerPlant.™ for Mac include:
* Support for multiple languages
* Automated learning of new languages
* Learn new languages in seconds
* Support for advanced natural language processing
* Pre-configured language files for PowerPlant.™ for Mac
* Precise and accurate voice recognition
PowerPlant.™ for Mac will take full advantage of your Mac computer’s speaker system and your Mac computer’s Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard API, to create a simple, natural language application that is easy to use, simple to operate, and which is a joy to use.
* Pre-configured language files are supplied for PowerPlant.™ for Mac
* Complete language files are provided for PowerPlant.™ for Mac

Natural Speech UI (NSUI) is a native Mac OS X 70238732e0

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The key macro is a visual block syntax for defining macro parameters.
keykey macrok.declare c.a,d,e,f;
Macro declaration:
Data element declarations use K (for key):
data.element.a: Data element (AEA) ;
Key macro constants:
define.value [C++] :
int define.value( int value )
void define.value( string value ) ;
Macro names:
define.param.key: macroparam( macro )
macroparam( string_param ) ;
macroparam( int_param ) ;
The function macroparam( macro ) has the following signatures:
macroparam( string_param )
macroparam( int_param )
String macros:
string.macro( string_macro )
macro( int_macro )
Data macros:
macro( int_macro )
x86 macro names:
cdecl.keymacro : macro( cdecl( keyparam ) )
int.keymacro : macro( int( keyparam ) )
macro.keymacro : macro( macro( keyparam ) )
macro.keymacro.key : macro( macro( macro( keyparam ) ) )
cdecl.keymacro.key : macro( cdecl( macro( macro( keyparam ) ) ) )
int.keymacro.key : macro( int( macro( macro( keyparam ) ) ) )
macro.keymacro.key.key : macro( macro( macro( macro( keyparam ) ) ) )
Function macros:
macro( int_macro )
macro( int_macro.param )
functionmacro( functionmacro )
Macro constants:
int macro( int_param )
Macro parameters:
macroparam( int_param )
Parameter types:
macroparam( int_param )
Macro parameter names:
int_macro : macro( int( x ) ) ;
int_macro.param: macro( int( x ) ) ;
Macro class:
macro( macro( int_macro ) )
Macro parameters (class):
macroparam( int_param )
macroparam( string_param )
macroparam( int_param