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This plug-in was developed to replace the CSV Export feature found in DVDProfiler 2.4 and earlier versions. After starting up DVDProfiler, you should find a new menu option on the Tools menu called “Export Profile Database to CSV”.
DVD Profiler is a complete DVD management solution that will offer an extensive array of features including an ever growing online database that provides information about many DVD titles.
With support of the database, adding a new DVD title to your collection is as simple as entering the UPC from the DVD case or the title of the movie, and DVD Profiler will retrieve the entire DVD Profile from the online database. If you have a DVD drive connected to your computer, you don’t even have to enter the UPC, but can simply insert the DVD into the drive.
The Export Profile Database function exports your collection’s information to an XML file. The information contained in those export files are for your personal use only and cannot be employed for use in any other setting.









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The output of this plug-in is a comma delimited text file that contains the information exported by DVD Profiler to the database. This plug-in does NOT export information to your iTunes library.
Output Files:
The output files are created using the following:
CreateDVDTitle, CreateDVDTitles, CreateDVDCategories, CreateDVDCategories, CreateDVDArtist, CreateDVDArtist, CreateDVDSeasons, CreateDVDSeasons, CreateDVDEpisodes, CreateDVDEpisodes, CreateDVDFilms, CreateDVDFilms, CreateDVDActors, CreateDVDActors, CreateDVDMovies, CreateDVDMovies, CreateDVDTrailers, CreateDVDTrailers, CreateDVDEpisodes, CreateDVDEpisodes, CreateDVDListings, CreateDVDListings, CreateDVDTrailers, CreateDVDTrailers, CreateAVS
The information that is exported by this plug-in is designed to provide the most accurate information to the database.
This plug-in does not export any information concerning audio.

The plug-in requires an XML database
There must be a DVD drive connected to the computer
DVDProfiler must be installed

Other Information:

Any information provided to the database will be 100% accurate.
This plug-in only exports the information that DVDProfiler provides.
Any other DVD data that are not exported by DVDProfiler will not be exported.
If you attempt to export the output files from a different user than the one that installed DVDProfiler, you will receive an error message.

1. Installation:
1. The plug-in is not supported by WinZip, WinRAR, or any other file archiving or compression software.
2. Install DVDProfiler and export the data

I strongly recommend that you create a new user account on your computer for this plug-in.

2. Install the plug-in from the menu within DVDProfiler:

In DVDProfiler, there is a menu option “Export Profile Database to CSV”.
If you do not see this menu option, you can still export the data by starting a DVD in the player, and then from the menu of the player, selecting “Settings” then “Profiles”.
In the menu that opens, click on the “Export Profile” option to export the data.
When the process is complete, you will receive the option to close the menu.
If you see this

CSV Export [Mac/Win] [March-2022]

The CSV Export Cracked 2022 Latest Version plug-in allows you to export the current profile data to a CSV (comma-separated values) file, with minimal user involvement.
If you have added a DVD to your collection and subsequently started DVDProfiler, you can use this plug-in to export the data to a CSV file. You are also able to start a new database with the same data. It is then possible to copy the data to an empty database, transfer the data to a different machine or even to an online database.
You can use the built-in XML editor to open the exported CSV file and see the results of the export.
A detailed view shows detailed information for each DVD, such as disc ID, title, series, producer, producer’s ID, rating, title ID, type and the value of each associated tag. In addition, there are tabs for size, publisher, language, year and comment.
The full export will give you enough information to create an entry for the DVD. This provides you with all the information that you would have to fill in a DVD Database.
For more information on DVDProfiler, visit


DVDProfiler v2.5.1 adds a menu item to the Tools menu, providing access to the Export Profile Database to CSV function, which has been added as a plug-in feature.

Mac OSX 10.9 or later
A working installation of Windows and a working installation of DVD Profiler 2.4 or later.

Please note: When downloading this plug-in, you must download both the.dmg version and the.zip version.

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CSV Export

There are 3 output files provided with this plugin:
1. “Export DVD Profile Data to csv”
The csv file exported by this function contains the information collected from DVD Profiler.
In this file, each DVD title is listed with an identifier that we assign and each title’s profile is written in a simple format that has been designed for users who wish to make simple queries.
As an example, the first row of the csv export is as follows:

The Basic Profile of the DVD

2. “Export DVD Profile Data to csv with Username”
This file is the same as above, but it has a username identifier in the CSV file.
This means that you can use the csv with each user’s profile that has been uploaded to the DVD Profiler and it will match the CSV exported by the first function.
3. “Export DVD Profile Data to csv with Username and Date”
This file is the same as the above but it has a date identifier in the CSV file.
It means that you can use the CSV with each user’s profile and time that has been uploaded to the DVD Profiler and it will match the CSV exported by the first function.
Note that you can not use the first two functions together because they will produce a file that has duplicate identifiers.
How do I install the Plugin?
There are two methods to install this plugin
1. You can select “Get Plugin Package (.zip)” from the “Export Profile Database to CSV” menu and download the.zip file (2.28 MB) to your computer.
2. You can download this file from the Google Code page and save the file as a.zip to your computer.
How do I use the Plugin?
When you select the “Export Profile Database to CSV” menu, you will be able to select the file type that you want to export. The three options that are available are as follows:
1. “.csv”
2. “.csv with username”
3. “.csv with username and date”
Note:You can only select one of the above options.
When you select the first option and select the file, the name of the file will be changed to “DVD title= The Final Showdown.csv” or “DVD title with username

What’s New In CSV Export?

The CSV Export plug-in will export the entire profile information for your DVD collection as a single comma separated value (.CSV) file.
The CSV Export function can be used to quickly transfer large numbers of DVDs from your local collection to a PC, laptop or handheld device that will not have DVD Profiler installed.
If the export file is saved to your computer, you can add the file to DVD Profiler’s import database and replace or update the existing database entries.
The CSV Export plug-in will extract the necessary information from the XML output file from the DVD Profiler’s Export Profile Database function. The DVD Profiler Export Profile Database output file is a.DBX file. You can use any text editor to extract the information from this file into a.CSV format.

CSV Export:
To export your collection to a CSV file you should go to “Tools > Export Profile Database to CSV”. The Export Profile Database to CSV function will export your collection to a CSV file. If you are new to DVD Profiler, you will not be able to export your profile by selecting this option.
The CSV Export plug-in will extract the necessary information from the XML output file from the DVD Profiler’s Export Profile Database function. The CSV Export plug-in will then use that information to create a CSV file for you. The CSV Export plug-in will then extract the necessary information from the XML output file from the DVD Profiler’s Export Profile Database function. The CSV Export plug-in will then use that information to create a CSV file for you.

CSV Export is not in any way a replacement for DVD Profiler’s Export Profile Database function. If you have to export your DVD collection to a CSV file, it’s best to use DVD Profiler’s Export Profile Database function. If you have a series of DVDs to export, you should export them individually using the Export Profile Database function. You can also copy the CSV file to DVD Profiler and add the copy to the import database. That way you will have the benefit of adding the information directly to the DVD Profiler Import database.

CSV Export Features:

Export all DVDs in your collection
Export specific titles
Export an entire series
Export specific sections of a DVD
Include the DVD Title, Region Code and Year
Use one of the following output file formats
“ASCII” for DOS, Windows and Unix
“Macintosh” for Mac OS X

If you don’t want the entire profile information, you should select the title, region and year for export only.
You can also select which sections to include. You can include all, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 for example. You can also select the following DVD sections for export.
Drive (0:0)
Artwork (0:

System Requirements:

・PlayStation®4 home console (not compatible with PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita)
・Update of software to version 5.00
・PlayStation®Network account (sold separately)
・Internet connection
・7.8-inch display or larger
For more information, please visit the official website at
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