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Spreadsheet files are known for their versatility and capacity to stock rows and rows of data. But this also poses a significant problem when you try to correct the information. Software applications such as Excel Search & Replace Batch aim to make things easier for power users.
Add multiple files and perform find/replace jobs
The application does not hamper you with a complicated installation process. It is pretty straightforward and does not require your undivided attention. You are then greeted by an unattractive interface that is thoroughly organized into three separate areas.
You can add multiple XLS, XLSX, XLSM files or select an entire folder and the software will automatically load all supported documents. You can then focus on finding and replacing words. The application can perform a single search for multiple pairs of words.
There are extensive options, such as the case or cell-content matching, and you can select the level of search for the first sheet or all sheets. There is also an option for adding entire TXT or CSV files for both find and replace fields.
Format the words you wish to replace
An interesting feature is that application allows you to microformat the words. By double-clicking on the word, you can modify case, color, edit font, increase or decrease size. The application is pretty well stocked in this aspect.
When you work with many documents, you might forget what you modify. However, the software provides a log option, designed to keep detailed records of your alterations. It can prove a powerful tool for the right users.
A complete tool for office purposes
Despite the fact that the functionality of this software product is designed around finding and replacing words from Excel files, in a business environment, it can prove the right tool for the job. It offers ample functions and options, and the results are accurate. The software can be purchased and although it does not come cheap, it has good value for money.


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Download ->>->>->> https://urluso.com/2n1fuk






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