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The My Toolbar Background application was designed to be a small tool that will help you create a gradient background and set it as Windows Explorer (and My Computer) toolbar background in less then the time it takes to read this sentence. If you don’t like the result, you can restore the default gray background in one click.







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Windows Explorer has predefined toolbar background color and you can change the default color to something you like. You don’t need to make a full-blown image editor for this: Microsoft Paint will do. You will only need to have the image you want in the size set by Windows; smaller images will cut off and the application won’t be able to match your image.

2. You can change the Windows Explorer background to a favorite gradient.

Windows Explorer is available in the list of toolbar backgrounds in default Microsoft Office Tools which can be accessed by clicking the ‘Tabs’ button in the lower right corner of the Toolbar Background’s window, selecting the Window List Tab and click on the Toolbar Background item. You can also manage toolbar background images from a more convenient location: if you right-click on the Toolbar Background item in the Windows Explorer toolbar, you’ll see a list of interesting background images; right-clicking one will bring you to the toolbar settings, where you can change the current image as shown above or select a new one from your computer.

If you have a favorite color you like to use as a background for the Windows Explorer toolbar, you can easily create a gradient. You will need:
A Gradient Editor that is available in most image editors (I chose Fireworks and the gradient toolbox); you can find a list of Gradients in Fireworks color list panel; you will also need to save a small image that will be set as a gradient using the gradient tool.

There are plenty of tools that will let you create and change gradient backgrounds. Some of them look better than others, some are easier to use. The greatest selection of tools is in the long list of Fireworks ‘Creators’ panel, where you can find a color selector with all the most popular and well-known color gradients.

To start with the best from the bunch, I suggest creating a white background and then fading the color to transparent (F17 if you’re using Fireworks), then adding your colors: remember the color underneath is the base color.

The easiest way is to add your colors to the color palette, click the gradient you would like to use and drag it over the area where you want to fade the color. You can see the color change gradually if you hold a scrollbar over the area of the image you would like to fade (you will need to do this even if you’re using a copy, as you will need the original image in the

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The border around the windows toolbars of the Windows Explorer is one of the most annoying and useless features of the Windows operating system. One feature that is optional is the ability to set a gradient background instead of a solid color. My Toolbar Background Crack Free Download…

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What’s New in the My Toolbar Background?

This application will help you to use the background gradients in Windows Explorer, when you are viewing files and folders, as toolbar background.
My Toolbar Background features:
Gradient background color selection
Color and transparency control
Space selector
Background color and transparency changes
Configurable transparency and color selector
Background color changes
Configurable position selector
My Toolbar Background will get it’s data from the Registry and use the color and transparency from the currently selected Windows Explorer background.
This application is free and can be useful for you. If you like it, please consider leaving a nice review.
And, thank you for using My Toolbar Background…
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System Requirements For My Toolbar Background:

1.5 GHz Processor
Hard Drive:
Game Properties:
Select game type and install.
Please select your system configuration to install this game.
System Configuration:
Operating System:
Processor ID:
Processor Version:
Processor Manufacturer: